With NUI Cosmetics we offer high performance make-up in stylish colors and modern design at fair prices. We use silky textures and mild ingredients for our natural cosmetics brand to enhance your natural beauty and keep your skin healthy. The word "NUI" stands for the New Zealand Maori people for "grandiose" - and so every woman should feel with NUI Cosmetics! NUI Cosmetics means high quality, stylish and nourishing makeup that respects your health, our planet and the environment.

About the founder

NUI Cosmetics was founded by former product and brand manager Swantje van Uehm. Although she worked for many years in the cosmetics industry, Swantje lacked one thing in particular: A classic, bright red lipstick without synthetic ingredients, which is also vegan. That was the beginning of NUI Cosmetics, based on the conviction that no animal needs to lose his life for a sexy red lipstick.


NUI Cosmetics is 100% natural, vegan, non-animal, gluten-free and at least 70% organically grown. The natural raw materials are of the highest quality, have been carefully tested and selected for their skin compatibility and performance, and are enriched with nourishing and conditioning components. They also do without artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances as well as parabens, phthalates, nanoparticles and heavy metals.
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