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nThis luxury sample is available in any of the nine colors and is enough for some applications. The practical pump dispenser ensures a good dosage.nContent 2,5mlnOur lightweight and nourishing foundation based on aloe vera clings to your skin and mattifies it long lasting.nMATAO is a neutral to cool light shade.nThe opacity can be medium to high build up and leaves semi-matt finish. Your hero for an even, healthy complexion without clogging your pores! Aloe vera, chamomile hydrolate and squalane have a calming and moisturizing effect, shea butter nourishes the skin while vitamin E and zinc oxide (nanoparticle-free) counteract signs of aging and help to fight off free radicals. Oregano and thyme combat blemishes. Delicately scented with vanilla.n100% natural with 88% organic ingredientsVegan, gluten-freeAvailable in nine colors

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